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My 1973 Chevelle Laguna


    This page is devoted to the car I had in High School back in 1979 & 1980, a 1973 Chevelle Laguna. Unfortunately I had no idea how rare of a car this was at the time. The Laguna was triple black, had black vinyl interior consisting of swivel buckets and console. The car had the 350 CID engine, 4 speed Saginaw, and a 3.73 posi rear end. No power steering, no power brakes, no air. This car also was equipped with the SS gauge package.

    After trashing two Saginaw transmissions I installed a M21 Muncie and never had any further problems. I then had a quest for more power and installed a 396/375hp in place of the 350. This was my daily driver through the rest of high school and another year or so afterwards until purchasing a new Z28. I street raced this car allot in my home town and the next closest town and it had quite a reputation for being quick for a big car.

    Unfortunately this car was relegated to the back when I purchased a 1970 Z28 that needed an engine, so the 396 came out and was placed in the Z28. The car then sat for a year or so until selling it to a young guy who I thought was going to put an engine into it and drive it. Well a year or so later I ran into him and asked about the car and he informed me that he never got it going and sent it to the local wrecking yard after pulling of the nose piece. I swear I almost punched him!!! The car had no rust issues, the interior was like new, etc., all you needed was to put in a running engine. I ran to the wrecking yard as fast as possible only to find out he had crushed out the whole yard a month ago.

    Since then I have kept my eyes out for a twin to this car and to date have had no luck finding an exact (non) equipped Laguna to resurrect my high school car.

    I have although found and purchased a triple black 73 Laguna from North Carolina. Will post pics later. Although not a twin to my original car it does look like it from outside. The car does have the black vinyl interior with swivel buckets and console however it is an automatic car with power steering, power brakes, and air.

    I will be restoring the Laguna while trying to keep it looking as close to my old Laguna as possible.

More Later.


Week after purchase in 1979

I added the rims and tires as it had hubcaps before

Soon after, Hijackers and Slots

Checkout the header mufflers hanging on the ground almost!

Minor surface rust developed and a dent or two being filled.

Me at 17 years old imitating a bodyman.

After paint at the local car wash were I was often seen washing and

waxing the Laguna.......................

.............with my friend and his 70 Monte

And now the current Laguna I purchased April 2007

She's rough, but all there!